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"As cold-waters surfers, what attracts us to those hard edges and wild elements? For me, I feel cold water is the ultimate leveller.

It strips us of all our pretence, stereotype or swagger. It breeds authenticity and trust. Gender lines blur and it becomes about our strength of character and willingness to embrace the unknown and build trust in each other. It takes us out of our comfort zone — 

We have to really want to be there, with nothing to prove, because the elements don’t care who we are, if we’re man or woman. Trust, patience, solitude, grit and resilience." - Easkey Britton 

Northwest Wahines was founded to connect, engage, and empower women to find their strength and grit through ocean-centered activities and community.  We are a source for ocean-minded people to find community through events, volunteer opportunities, and surfing! 


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